Renewable Energy Planning

The European Union has set challenging targets for the use of renewable energy within all EU states.

We currently have a significant dependency on fossil fuels which needs to be addressed in order for us to meet all international and national commitments.

Planning applications for ‘renewable energy’ developments will be assessed against a variety of considerations including public safety, human health, residential amenity, landscape impacts, ecological implications, built heritage interests, air and water quality and impacts on natural resources.

Six West continually review planning regulations in relation to the best ways of ensuring our customers receive the appropriate assistance in developing their individual renewable energy projects.

Wind Energy

The production of electricity from an infinite source in conjunction with the improving efficiencies of wind turbines, make wind energy an attractive energy generation source.

Six West are experienced in wind energy development and can advise you on the best ways of utilising wind energy at your site.

Biogas Plant

Modern farming practices along with the increase in affordability and viability of biogas plant technology has opened up the potential for farm operators to utilise existing site product for renewable energy.

Biogas systems ensure farm sites can produce enough of their own heat and electricity through onsite processes to dramatically reduce overall farming costs over a relatively short period of time.

Six West are experienced in biogas technology and we can provide you with all necessary assistance in ensuring you receive planning approval for your biogas system.

Landfill Gas

Organic waste materials decompose in landfill sites to produce landfill gas. This gas can provide energy from a source which would otherwise be flared off or vented to the atmosphere and so wasted. Landfill gas constitutes a high-value fuel for gas engines that can be effectively used for power generation.

Six West are experienced in landfill gas planning submissions and can provide you with all necessary planning policy expertise.

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