Farming Sector

The agricultural sector is a vital part of the Northern Ireland economy.

The agricultural industry has undergone significant changes over past years with modern technology improving the viability and day to day operations of farms. Modern operations now incorporate computerised systems such as robotic milking parlours and biogas plants to improve the overall efficiency of individual farms across the country.

There is an accepted rural housing need associated with the agricultural industry both in terms of farm retirement dwellings and farm worker properties. Farmers need to be in close proximity to the main farm complex as farming is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is important to note that not all farm developments require planning consent and there are provisions within the planning legislation which allow for the construction of some agricultural buildings without the requirement of planning permission (permitted development).

Dwellings on Farms

Planning Policy Statement 21 allows for planning permission to be granted for a dwelling on a farm where certain criteria are met. This criteria includes evidence that the farm business is active and has been established for at least six years. As part of the planning consideration Planning Service will consult with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

This modern approach to planning on farmsĀ is in direct recognition of changing farming practices and the need to support rural communities.

Six West have first hand knowledge of farming and associated planning legislation. We can provide cost effective assistance and guidance in relation to all your planning queries and if required, your planning application.

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