Environmental Impact Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment is a process by which the likely environmental effects of a proposal are assessed by the applicant as part of the project design process, and by the Department in determining whether permission should be granted.

In accordance with Schedule 4 Parts I and II of the Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999, an Environmental Statement must include information considered reasonably required to assess the environmental effects of the development and identifies appropriate mitigation measures to ensure the proposal will have no significant or unacceptable environmental impact.

Issues to be considered in depth through the Environmental Statement may include:

  • The nature, scale and duration of the development.
  • The visual impact on the landscape from short and long viewpoints.
  • Implications of vehicular movement generated by the proposal and subsequent impact on other road users.
  • Impact on the amenity of persons living in the locality of the site in terms of potential noise and dust associated with the proposal.
  • Impact of operations on the flora, fauna and cultural heritage within the site and surrounding area.
  • The geological and hydrogeological implications of the development on the site and effects of such on the surrounding area.

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