UAV Surveys

A UAV is a remote controlled ‘drone’ which takes high resolution images based on predefined GPS waypoints.

Six-West provide an aerial survey service using state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  The technology includes artificial intelligence (AI) guided autopilot, high resolution integrated camera and environmentally friendly rechargeable propulsion system.  Autonomous take-off and landing ensures the system is easy to use and with a rotor or wingspan of less than a meter it can be easily transported without the need for complex assembly.  It will automatically capture images during flight to ensure optimal coverage and overlap of the designated area.  These can then be processed to produce geo-referenced orthomosaics.

The images can be used for monitoring progress on construction sites, creating up to date orthophotomaps and monitoring landfill and quarry sites – all of which can be processd to create photo realistic isometric views, contoured drawings and volumes.

Other applications include  Inspection, Environmental and Agricultural Monitoring, Golf Course Visualisations, Civil Engineering, Coastal Erosion and Marine Conservation.

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