Flythroughs / Walkthroughs

We supply a free virtual viewer program which can be used to view our survey models in 3D. Users can view up to seven models in 3D at once, create flightpaths and follow a pre-defined flight path or walk through.

Clients can fly-around the model on their own computer without them requiring any additional software other than the free 3D program.

Already proved in planning meetings and public inquiries, this is the most effective way to communicate a proposal when paper plans and cross sections are not enough.

The user is able to switch models on and off, control field of view angles, speed of movement through the model, add fog and a ‘clip distance’ to increase performance on slower computers. The software can be used for all sorts of visualisations with control of the flight by keyboard and mouse, joystick or gamepad or by a pre-defined flightpath determined by us as we create the virtual model.

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