Hydrographic Survey

SixWest carries out hydrographic surveys of marinas, harbours, ports and  coastal areas, working up to 4Km offshore with our 6m survey launch and up to 100km from any harbour in a chartered 10.5m Cat2 MCA coded vessel. Work is carried out throughout Ireland and the UK

We have over fifteen years experience carrying out hydrographic surveys in Irish and UK inland and coastal waters.

Marine survey services provided include singlebeam, dual frequency and multibeam hydrographic surveys, sidescan, sub bottom, magnetometer and meteorological measurement, tidal monitoring and ADCP deployment in shallow waters.

Services include

  • Single & Multibeam Bathymetric Surveys
  • Side Scan Surveys
  • Marine Geophysical Surveys – Sub Bottom & Magnetometer
  • Pre, Interim & Post Dredge Surveys
  • Navigation Marker Surveys
  • Pile Location Setting-out
  • Dredge Volume Analysis


We own small craft for limited access single beam surveys – a Sunbeam kayak and a Pioner 10, 3m lightweight dinghy. The Pioner, CE Cat D, is also suitable for inshore single beam and sidescan work in good to moderate weather.

For inshore multi-beam surveys and deployment of sidescan, sub-bottom and mags we have our 6m survey launch, CE Cat C – with a fully enclosed cabin and room for four persons on board during survey operations.

For offshore work, we charter a 10.5m  Cat 2 MCA coded vessel for 12 passengers and 2 crew with a 60 mile licence from any safe harbour.

We can generally mobilise at very short notice. The Pioner and Bella are trailerable and can be transported to site within 24 hours.

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