Clinty Quarry Receives Planning Permission for 1 MW Wind Turbine

Six West have successfully obtained full planning permission for a 1 MW wind turbine up to a height of 100m at J Stevensons Clinty Quarry, Ballymena.

The planning application and Environmental Impact Assessment were both prepared in-house by Six West and the success of this large turbine proposal is indicative of our broad range of planning and environmental expertise. site design and appropriate consideration of environmental impacts. The turbine was assessed against a variety of considerations including public safety, human health, residential amenity, landscape impacts, ecological implications, built heritage interests, air and water quality and impacts on natural resources.

Six West provided a sound planning assessment which was met very favourably by the Planning Department and a planning approval quickly followed.

Mr Jonathan Stevenson, on behalf of the family owned business, commented,

‘ Six-West prepared our current planning application and Environmental Impact Assessment for a large quarry extension and it made good business sense to appoint them to prepare the wind turbine application too. It meant there was no unnecessary duplication of information and it kept costs down. We are now looking forward to getting the turbine up and running.’

The new wind turbine will generate a significant proportion of the internal power requirement for quarrying operations, with any surplus being fed back into the grid.